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The Ultimate Biking Experience

Home fitness going back to its roots.. we stock a range of home fitness exercise bikes from V-fit, great for aerobic exercise and increasing cardio fitness.

Cardio refers to 'heart and lungs' which will both benefit from the aerobic exercise that can be gained from regular use of exercise bikes. The primary muscle groups targeted are the legs (quadriceps/thighs & calves) and to a lesser extent the hamstrings (leg biceps). Perfect to use on their own, or to compliment a weight training routine as an effective and safe method of warming up and cooling down. They can also make a great winter trainer or addition to your cycling routine when you are unable to get out on the road.

Our full range of aerobic exercise cycles includes Air Resistance models, Magnetic Resistance Models, Folding bikes, Gym-Style Trainers, Recumbent and Programmable Mag Cycles so whatever your needs we have something for you. We are proud of our range at My Home Workout


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