What is the X-Pole Sport

The X pole sport is a starter home dancing pole that adjusts at home to the ceiling with no drilling required to create the perfect home pole experience.

Home dance pole gets you in great shape and is suitable for all ages and abilities that works all major muscle groups. Its a great way to change your body shape.

Easy to fit , use and comes with instructions this is a great opportunity to take up something new.

Please note this is the static pole. If you want a spinning pole of us you will need the X-Pole Xpert.

We provide both static and spinning poles to everybody across the UK.

How to Achieve that Flat Stomach

We have many people ask how can I get my stomach flatter , more toned and lose weight etc.

The answer is get your diet right from the offset before you start exercising or commencing a fitness programme. This is ignored by so many people and just think lets exercise and eat what I want and I will lose weight. The answer is no.

Think about a sensible eating plan to start with start reducing your calories and saturated fats and sugars and then target your core and you will start seeing results.

You could go for a fast abs programme which preformed correctly over time really works or we do a number of abs equipment that can help you get started.

Pay real attention to our abs roller pull machine which pulls in your stomach muscles and flattens the stomach or our self suction sit up machine which enables you to do the exercises on your home at work.

We have left a few images to give you a idea of what is needed to start your journey and can advise you on any home equipment needed.

Muscle Abbs Stimulator Now for Sale

Our latest product that has just come into stock is a electric muscle stimulator.

This replaces the signal from the brain and increases blood flow and circulation which in turns benefits weight loss, increased muscle movement and much more.

This is done for around 20 minutes a time which can equate too 2000m of running , 30 minutes of sit ups or 30 minutes of swimming.

A useful tool to getting in shape.  A healthy diet alongside is essential for good results.

Please visit our website myhomeworkout.co.uk and look under home accessories for more information or to order now.

Welcome to My Home Workout

A warm welcome if your reading our blog. We offer a great range of sports and fitness products for the home that get you in great shape. Our team of qualified fitness professionals are here to advise you on products that are safe to use and work specific areas of the body. We are more than just a retailer we provide you with the advice you need , if we don’t think it will benefit you we will tell you. Honesty and a friendly customer service awaits.

We will review a number of our products , new fazes hitting the web and everything out there so your well informed of your next purchase and we always try and give you the inside knowledge to make a informed decision.

In the mean time look around our site and get in touch if you need us.

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